Kate’s Experience

I have never joined a gym program before, and I was worried that i might not know how to use the workout equipment, and even get injured, because I hadn’t had any knowledge about how to use the equipment.

However, the worries quickly was disappeared thanks to Yusuke’s instructions. He is very knowledgeable and very friendly. I took a one-hour workout program with him – we had a consultation first, and then he created a fitness plan for me. He explained which equipment is going to have a good effect on my muscles, and taught me correct body positions during workout to prevent injuries. I know that we are able to find this knowledge on websites or YouTube and its easy to do, but on the other side it might be dangerous, since a professional certifications are not required for making a YouTube video. I think everyone can benefit from Yusuke’s knowledge and expertise. Nowadays, I am enjoying my workout program while using the workout equipment in a safe manner. Thanks Yusuke! Kate

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