Starting Student/Working Holiday Discount

Personal training can be pricey for students. However, I know many of them want to try out the personal training to get motivated. For those who can’t afford, I have a special offer!

$45 for 30 minute session!

This will be good for

  • Want to start off good training and be motivated by the personal trainer.
  • Want to learn proper exercise form to prevent injury.
  • Want to try hypertrophy training and need a spot.

Also after training for couple of session, I can provide 30 minute intensive session!

More discount

What’s more, you will have another discount if you bring your friend and your session and her/his session are in a row (e.g. your session is at 3PM – 330PM, his/her session is at 330PM – 4PM).

The price is $40 each ! ($5 discount)

Don’t miss the chance and let’s explore the wonderful world!

If you have any question, contact me.

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