Tuesday discount in October Personal Training

A special offer in October, $10 off for each session if you decide to do personal training on Tuesdays,  

Why personal training?

I remember the time I was doing gymnastics, ( floor exercises) and had watched great gymnasts doing their round off and back handspring, then crazy flipping. They were so fast and performed beautifully.  I wanted to get as fast as he / she was, doing 50 back handsprings for each visit and practicing as much as I could.  After one year, I felt great and felt so strong and much faster than a year ago.  Then I decided to videorecording myself tumbling.  I was so shocked how ugly and not as fast as I had been imagining. 

I learned this in a hard way.

Just because you are working hard doesn’t mean you get better.

you need to be watched and guided by someone who is a professional.  Otherwise you may do something that may not be safe. A personal trainer can guide you how to perform each exercise safely.

Corrective exercise

I believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to exercises. However, there are few things you need to ask yourself.

  • Is this safe?
  • Am I doing this effectively?

I am here to help you and teach you how to workout efficiently and safely.  

Quick tour for what I do with different kinds of clients.

We can start our personal training anytime. Don’t be shy to contact me for the first consultation!!

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