Covid-19 updates

The BC Government has allowed businesses to return to normal capacity numbers.  However, our gym decided to have stations, so that trainees could work out with social distance safely.  Now the gym has 11 stations (previously 9 stations).  Trainers and staff need to wear masks all the time. Let’s keep ourselves safe!!


Osteoporosis affects more women than men. An estimated 52 million Americans have low bone density, or osteoporosis. About one in two women and up to one in four men over the age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis.

Low bone mineral density and associated deterioration in bone microarchitecture result in structural weakness and increased risk for fracture. Women with a hip fracture have a fourfold risk of incurring another fracture. Hip fractures are the most devastating because they are associated with severe disability and increased mortality.

Lifestyle plays an important role in bone health, as physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and other lifestyle factors (eg smoking).

Personal training will help osteoporosis conditions become better.

Exercise is an important part of the prevention and treatment plan for osteoporosis, along with adequate nutrition.

Weightbearing exercises such as jogging, hopping, skipping, jumping, and other plyometric exercises, are recommended. 

Resistance training and Plyometrics

It may come as a surprise, plyometrics training, or lifting heavy are not just for young athletes.  Yet progression is very important.  I wouldn’t give you a baseball bat and ask you to hit a Shohei Otani 100 mile per hour fast ball at the beginning.   Let me teach you how to start from scratch.

Quick tour for what I do with different kinds of clients.

We can start our personal training anytime. Don’t be shy to contact me for the first consultation!!

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