December Special!! Only $90 for partner training in December

As the title says, I offer $90 per session for partner training in December (Normally $100 per session). Bring your friend and take advantage of this opportunity!!


In general, arthritis prevalence is significantly higher among women (24.3%) than among men (18.2%), physically inactive persons (23.5%) versus those meeitng physical activity recommendations (18.7%)

Personal training will help Arthritis conditions become better

People experiencing chronic pain and inflammation typically shy away from physical activity. Physical inactivity causes significant deconditioning, which results in diminished endurance and muscular strength, as well as joint weakness.

A consistent exercise program that promotes cardiovascular fitness, improved muscular strength and endurance, and joint mobility will break this negative health cycle and significantly improve daily function and associated quality of life.

Women will not get bigger by weight training

Women are typically smaller in size, have less muscle tissue, and have lower levels of testosterone than males.  Women should not be fearful of bulking up as a result of regular resistance exercise.

You have no excuse to not weightlifting!! Go to my old post to see the other factor that why you should do strength training. 

Quick tour for what I do with different kinds of clients.

We can start our personal training anytime. Don’t be shy to contact me for the first consultation!!

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