Holiday Season

Hours for the holiday season vary.  

  • December 25th (Christmas day) – off
  • January 1st – off

Other than that, I open my hour upon request.  Get fit, burn calories, workout with personal training before feeling guilty for eating too much on holidays!!

Too old to lift weights?

This is actually not true.  In fact, totally opposite is the fact.  It works about equally well for people of all ages.

In a 10-week strength training study with more than 1,700 men and women between 21 and 80 years old, the muscle gains were statistically similar for those between ages 21 and 44, those between  ages 45 and 64, and those between 65 and 80.

Older muscles are very responsive to progressive resistance exercise, as evidenced by the nearly 90-year-old nursing home residents who added 4 pounds of muscle in just 14 weeks of basic and brief strength training.

What kind of personal training do I do?

Fortunately, I worked under the gym where there are a lot of older generations. For them especially I focus on what not to do for injury free rather than do something just because the others are doing.

Strength training is so important yet doing it for long periods of time without injury is the key to success to achieve your goals.

Quick tour for what I do with different kinds of clients.

We can start our personal training anytime. Don’t be shy to contact me for the first consultation!!

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