Covid-19 updates and temporary closure until Jan 18th, 2022

The Provincial Health Authority has ordered Adult gyms, fitness centres and dance studios closed even personal training gyms until January 18, 2022.

This is such a tough time for everyone, but stay positive!!  I will resume my business from Jan 18th,2022.


Willpower is the ability to ignore temporary pleasure or discomfort to pursue a longer-term goal, and it is a biological function. It is a mind-body response, not a virtue. 

Anyone using willpower for long periods or for multiple tasks will have less resolve to make better choices.

A review of the literature on self-control and decision-making abilities has shown that willpower is inherently limited, that is , self-control depletes willpower in much the same way that exercise temporarily depletes physical power. Researchers have found that in experiments where people exert their willpower on one occasion, they have difficulty doing so a second time.  This effect was discovered with all sorts of self-control tasks, such as avoiding tempting foods, suppressing emotions, and sticking with challenging problems.

DON’T set too many goals

Using willpower is, in essence, using one’s rational side to control or dictate what the emotional side wants, and it is not really a fair fight, as emotions are a more powerful driver of decisions than reason.

If you set too many goals or have goals that are too large and imposing, they can, by force of will, maintain things for a short period.

At the first sign of trouble, however, when they get stuck in traffic on the way home from work or have extra responsibilities in dealing with family matters, their  resolve crumbles, and they get too worn out to maintain the new, difficult behaviors.

WRITE and PREPARE your plan

As I mentioned early, willpower is inherently limited, you should have strategies to conserve it.  Planning in advance for moments of weak self-control reinforces willpower when it is needed most. For example, when a client makes food choices when he or she is hungry or tired, the choices made are often of poor nutritional quality.

A better strategy is to organize meals for the day in advance when you are at your strongest with regard to willpower.

Another effective strategy for conserving willpower is to think in advance about how to deal with specific obstacles as they arise. In a study on exercise and self-regulation, investigators found that people who wrote in a journal about how they would handle barriers to exercise were more likely to stick with an exercise program.  Another study found that journaling in advance about overcoming barriers helped people succeed at a challenging self-control task, even after a previous task had depleted their willpower.

I wrote some for someone who really wants to achieve your goals here.

As a personal trainer, I could give you some exercises that burn calories efficiently but you are the only one who can change you!

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