TRX? review

I originally bought this TRX for training outside but now our personal training gym has closed due to COVID,  I will review this and hope more people workout at home instead of sitting home all day!

WHY I recommend TRX?

In-home training,  I am sure you could do many things without any equipment. But if you want to add more variety for your workout, then TRX is the one. 

First you don’t need to buy all the different weights which are not cost effective. 

Secondly,  to me the biggest cons of in-home training is training your back is so hard, But with TRX, you can do some back muscle exercises and relatively easy to change the intensity (just change the body angle).

Lastly, TRX doesn’t take too much space. Imagine you buy all dumbbells and a bench. I wonder how many people have extra space for ugly heavy objects. 

Again TRX?

Amazon delivered this TRX and I opened it up, this came as a surprise.

Mike? Some Chinese letters? TRX doesn’t have a patent?  I don’t know about this.

Set it up on the door.

Setting this TRX up is so easy.  It has an anchor and I put it  in between a door frame.


Make sure the door is solid. I would recommend solid like the one in the entrance. And no one opens the door while using it.

A picture below is the one I bought and click here for the amazon link.



Although I am not sure about this brand, the product itself works perfectly.  I have no complaints about it.

I will upload some in-home type training until our personal training gym opens. Stay tuned!!

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