Prioritizing Back Muscles in Your Workout Routine

In a time where hours are limited and sedentary activities like constant laptop or cellphone use can promote poor posture, it’s essential to prioritize the strengthening of your back muscles. This routine is designed to counteract the effects of hunching over, which is increasingly common during periods of lockdown or prolonged sitting. Focusing on back muscle training can significantly contribute to restoring a more natural and healthier posture.

Workout Routine: Back Muscle Focus

Assisted Pullup

Starting Position: Grounded legs
Execution: Initiate the pull-up movement from the starting position by using the legs to assist the upward motion. Bending both knees can ease the exercise.

  • Repetitions: 10-12 reps
  • Sets: 3

Inverted Row

Starting Position: Utilizing TRX for intensity variation
Execution: Adjust foot positioning to alter the level of challenge.

  • Repetitions: 10-12 reps
  • Sets: 3

3 Points Row

Starting Position: Employ a challenging object (like a bag of rice)
Execution: Ensure equal completion on both sides, initiating from the weaker side.

  • Repetitions: 10 reps each side
  • Sets: 3

Bent Over Row (Drop Set)

bentover row personal training

Execution: No break from the last 3 Points Row, focus on intensifying the results in a limited timeframe

  • Repetitions: 8-10
  • Sets: 1-2

Biceps Curl

Execution: Recommended after row exercises due to its single-joint involvement.

  • Repetitions (Single Arm): 8-10 each
  • Sets (Single Arm): 2-3
  • Repetitions (Double Arm): 8-12
  • Sets (Double Arm): 2-3


Prioritizing back muscles over chest muscles in your workout routine helps in countering the effects of prolonged sitting and hunched postures. The routine provided offers a comprehensive plan to strengthen and restore the back muscles, which not only enhances posture but also contributes to overall fitness. Don’t forget to begin with a warm-up, such as a 20-minute walk, to prevent potential injuries before undertaking this exercise routine.

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