In-home training for senior PART 1

These trainings are not only for seniors but also for someone who seeks for general fitness. (I teach them during personal training session)

I try to target all major muscles and  If you are a newbie,  these are fundamental and I suggest starting with.

Functional Training

Human movement can break down to 5 movements.

  • Squat
  • Single leg movement
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Rotation

While in-home training,  try to include these five movements especially if you are older generation.

I added some alternative exercises in case any of them is hard to complete (eg due to injury, feeling pain)


Squat is the king of functional movement in my opinion.  Yet if you feel pain, try sit to stand squat.  You can sit down completely or slightly touch a chair and stand up.   

  • Repetition 10 – 15
  • Set 2 – 3


Single leg movement may be challenging yet I have seen someone who can feel pain by squatting, and have no problem doing lunge.  Think if you have to pick up something from the floor.  These are essential for daily life.

  • Repetition 10 – 15
  • Set 2 – 3

Lat pulldown / seated row

Pick one or both.  Working on back muscles is so important because we tend to neglect these muscles.

  • Repetiton 10 – 15
  • Set 2 -3


Push up can be done anywhere and if it is too hard, just find a taller table or even on the vertical wall. 

  • Repetition 10 – 15
  • Set 2 – 3

I will soon update part 2 including ab workout plus anti rotation.

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