In-home training chest and triceps day

Since not much equipment is available unlike gyms,  you may have to do some bodyweight exercises to train your chest muscles.  If any of the exercises are too hard, change the angle, use a higher surface (like a table).

The last part of dropset may be challenging for beginner since i do this during personal training sessions for only some who have trained with me  for a while.  Use discretion!

Push up with resistance band

Using a band to pull you down so that you push yourself more than just body weight.  If it is too easy, then add more repetition!!

  • Repetition 8 – 15
  • Set 3

Push up

Extra bodyweight push up to feel the burn on your triceps and pec (although I think your triceps would feel burn out before the chest). 

Make sure your shoulder angle is 45 degree that targets your triceps and chest muscle nicely.

  • Repetition 12 – 15
  • Set 3

Single arm chest press

Using a band and doing chest presses.  Obviously you could step forward to make this exercise harder.  Single arm chest press has also an anti-rotation effect that is working the side of your abs.

  • Repetition 12 – 15
  • Set 3

Triceps extension (TRX)

Targeting triceps should be executed usually after chest workout such as bench press, pushup.  In order to make this exercise harder, extend the TRX and change the angle!

  • Repetition 8 – 10
  • Set 2 – 3

Triceps pushdown (drop set)

I often do dropset for my triceps/biceps to feel the burn. 

What you have to do is right after TRX triceps exercise, you want to execute this triceps pushdown without any break.  Your triceps may be tired from the previous exercises, but you want to push it even harder with light triceps workout.

  • Repetition 6 – 10
  • Set 1 – 2

You can certainly add those core exercise at the end or in between while your chest / triceps are at the rest.

Click here to see it as a video

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