In-home training legs / glutes day

I believe leg training is more important than the upper body. 

In order to generate the power,  it always comes from the lower body then the core at the end upper body (athletically and functionally). So we should never skip a lower body training day.

Sumo squat


Sumo squat is very essential for functional training.  How many times do you have to pick up something from the ground? 

My dad used to say picking up something light from the ground when the back pain occurs.  The truth is you are less careful when things are light. Remember that you pick up things as well as you have to lift up your torso.  Squat / sumo squat techniques are  required in your daily life.

  • Repetition 8 – 12
  • Set 3

Reverse lunge and Step up

To challenge yourself and have more fun, just add extra movement after a reverse lunge. Since this is hard, I would go less repetition but feel free to add more weights to push yourself.

  • Repetition 8
  • Set 3

Squat jump


Plyometrics exercises make your glutes and quads challenging. 

How you land on the ground is the key not to injure.  Bring your hip down like a squat position to absorb the power nicely.

  • Repetition 8 – 10
  • Set 3

Hip thrust

Finishing leg day with hip thrust (always single joint movement at the end of workout).  Adding more weight is the way to increase the intensity for this exercise but be cautious. 

This movement involves the spine directly.  It is so easy to injure your lower back by doing it carelessly.

  • Repetition 8 – 12
  • Set 2 – 3

You can superset with training
Chest muscle or Back muscle
to use your time efficiently!!

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