Move your body and prevent lower back pain – mobility exercises part2

Personal training is not only for weight loss / muscle gain, but also should functional movement be focused on.  Some mobility exercises to start your training is not a bad idea.

Try some from your next training.

Wall glide

Why thoracic spine mobility? 

when you want to reach out something high and thoracic spine doesn’t move as much as it should, the next part of the body has to compensates which is lumbar spine. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to keep your neutral spine.

Start from your torso flat on the ground and arms bending, then slide up. 

Some people may feel in pain while sliding up, then go as far as the point you don’t feel in pain.  Don’t force it.  This is not one day fix thing.

The deviation of wall glide

spine is not neutral

You want to maintain a torso on the ground all the time.

Open book

Wall glide works on “Y and Z axis” (I wish it would be as easy as CSS transformation lol), now we need to work on X axis. 

Open book is the perfect for thoracic spine horizontal movement.

As the name says, you will open your arm to the other side. 

Here are couple things to make sure

Knee position

A knee has to be attached to the form roller all the time.  As you start, you want to push the knee down.  That way,  lumbar spine is fixed and movement will come from thoracic spine.

No momentum

Any kind of stretch should be performed with controlled tempo. Ballistic movement is only harmful for your body.

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