In-home training side of abs

Working on the frontal part of the abs is more popular and easy to do. And I have had some personal training clients who asked me if he / she could get a six pack. This is a great goal. 

Yet  working on the side of abs is so important.  Strong side abs will protect the spine.  You should never  skip training them.


Starting with your hands at the center of your body, then press it forward. A band is pulling you from the side.

Here are couple things to make sure

  • After pressing, you need to maintain your hands at the center
  • Your arms and the band should be 90 degree to optimize the result
  • Repetition 10 – 12
  • Set 3

Pallof twist

This is an advanced version from the previous one. 

Making sure the twisting movement doesn’t come from a spine but hips.  This is crucial otherwise, your body position is susceptible to lower back pain.

  • Repetition 8 – 10
  • Set 3

Side Plank to plank position

Adding some movement from regular plank and side plank.  This transition challenges you to work on the side of the abs to the frontal part then vice versa.

  • Duration 5 seconds each plus transition time (total 40 – 50 seconds)
  • Set 2 – 3

Side Plank


Regular side plank to finish the day. In order to increase the intensity, it is so easy that you just add some weights on your hip. 

  • Duration 25 – 35 sec
  • Set 3

Click here to learn frontal side of ab workout!

You could certainly add chest / back training
before ab workout.

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