COVID-19 Updates

The BC government has extended most of the COVID-19 restrictions imposed last month to combat the spread of Omicron, but is allowing gyms to reopen under new guidelines.

GREAT NEWS!! Finally our personal training gym will open on Jan 20th.

Don’t be shy to ask me for the new year special!!

How long does it take to gain muscles you had?

I understand this is one of the worst and most frustrating times for our lives. Especially for those who have been working hard towards their goals such weight loss, strength gain, hypertrophy.  But don’t worry!  You won’t lose as much muscle as you think.


Muscle tissue has an amazing ability to make relatively rapid changes in size and strength. Due primarily to a lack of resistance exercise, adults lose about 3 pounds of muscle every six years. However, a basic strength training program can add 3 pounds of muscle tissue in three months.

On the other hand, those who stop performing resistance exercise will lose strength at about one-half the rate that it was gained. That is, if an individual increased his/her leg press strength by 50% over a 10-week training period, he/she would lose half of that strength gain after 10 weeks of no resistance exercise, and all of his strength gain after 20 weeks without training. 

With progressive resistance exercise, regardless of age, muscles increase in size and strength at relatively rapid rates.

See some of exercises
you can do at home abs, chest, back

Click here to see some of exercises
during personal training

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