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After a month break,  finally my personal training business is back to normal. It is definitely more fun and exciting at the gym!!   The new gym rule is described below. 

In-Home Personal Training Available

Weight Loss Workout Program Available

Personal Training at the gym


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New Health Protocols

  • Anyone who is showing signs of sickness should not come to the facility.
  • Trainers are to wear masks at all times.
  • Vaccine cards are still in play
  • Book your sessions at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that you get your spot as there are capacity limits.  Same day cancellations at peak hours may be charged. 
  • Sessions are 55 minute sessions starting at the top of the hour.
  • Trainers are wiping down the equipment that they use during the sessions and putting away plates, dumbbells, bars, kettle bells and any incidental equipment used and while training your clients, please keep all pathways clear and stay in your section.
  • Doubles will be limited on the floor to no more than 2 sets at a time and should be from the same household/bubble.
  • Parking and Towels are available for clients.  Showers are not to be used until the health order is lifted.  Clients should also refrain from changing at the gym if possible. 

I hope to see you at the gym.

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