In-home training Abs day part 2

Some of the exercises may be too challenging for you or since I am introducing abs exercises, they may cause back pain for some people.  Then don’t do it.  

You know they say “no pain, no gain”.  This principle is somewhat right. However, it doesn’t mean you should continue while you are in pain. You just want to feel sore muscles after the training instead.

Plank knee tuck (TRX)


Using TRX then tucking your knee one by one or you can tuck your both knees at the same time.  Make sure you don’t tuck too much. 

Your spine should remain neutral all the time.

  • Duration 25 – 40 sec
  • Set 3

Reverse crunch


Reverse crunch is almost like deadbug to me.  You really want to be careful that your hip won’t tilt forward while you are dropping your legs.  

  • Repetition 12 – 20
  • Set 3

Plank pull-through


I see many youtube videos where some are doing this exercises and I am so unhappy with how some of them do it. 

To optimize the result, your hip should remain the same level. Another way to say this is don’t lift move your hip up and down but as little as possible. That way, you are working your abs.

  • Duration 25 – 40 sec
  • Set 3

Bicycle crunch (without a twist)

I added without a twist.  It is almost like a crunch with leg movement. 

I personally don’t think adding a twist movement is good for the spine because your movement doesn’t come from the hip to rotate instead the spine has to rotate.

  • Repetition 15 – 20
  • Set 3

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