Choose right type of training for the weight loss

For my personal training clients, weight loss is the most common goal and I am sure many people have the same goal.  And I see their struggle all the time.  I hope I can help more individuals with the training program that I am going to explain.

Combined training is the best

Focusing on strength training is less effective for weight loss. Endurance training works against muscle strength. 

Knowing your goal and choosing the right type of training is the most important before you start out.

What is combined training? 

Combined training is doing multiple modes of exercise in one session to achieve multiple fitness goals.  Also research shows that weight loss is most positively impacted by combined training, according to Wilson et al, 2012.

To maximize the effectiveness of combined training, keep you moving utilizing superset and circuit training methods.


First of all, superset has two exercises and you will execute these two exercises one after one. 

Example of superset

  • Goblet squat 10 repetition
  • Squat jump 10 repetition

And there is a rest interval 30 – 60 sec between the exercises 3 sets for each

Circuit training

Circuit training has 3 or more exercises and you will execute these exercises one after the others.

Example of circuit training

  • Reverse lunge 10 repetition each side
  • Bent over row 10 repetition
  • Birddog 8 repetition each side

and there is a rest interval 30 – 60 sec between the exercises 3 sets for each

Choosing the right intensity to optimize the result

You can add more intensity by adding more weight, yet shouldn’t be too heavy which you can’t recover from the previous exercise and require for a longer break than 30 – 60 sec.

Even though strength is not a primary goal, selecting intensity too low ends up giving you not the right effect and combined training efficacy is decreasing (e.g. weights have to be heavy enough so that one’s heart rate won’t drop).

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