In-home training back and bicep day PART2

Another example of in-home training back muscle day. 

When you work on your lat,  biceps are often involved.  If you want to feel the burn on biceps, feel free to add biceps exercises at the end (I do it during personal training sessions for someone who wants to  be big).

Bent over row


Before and during this exercise, the spine neutral is the most important and likely missed when you do it by yourself. 

Especially if you are thinking of lifting heavy, focus on your abs.

By the way, I think this bag of rice has worked so much for and time to consume it!!

  • Repetition 8 – 12
  • Set 3

Single arm TRX row


Single arm row obviously makes this exercise harder than double arm.  At the same time, it is so easy to become bad form. 

Make sure your shoulder is kept down and engaged.

  • Repetition 8 – 12
  • Set 3

Aggressive row

Little aggressive movement of row.  Adding jumping as well as squat then pull, feel the burn on your lat and lags.  You can change the intensity by pulling the tight resistance band.

  • Repetition 8 – 12
  • Set 2 – 3

Half kneeling single arm row


Half kneeling position of single arm row to end the lat for that day.  Half kneeling is great because

  1. you have to engage your abs
  2. you have to have your hips tigeht
  • Repetition 10 – 12
  • Set 2 – 3

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Add some ab workout at the end

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