February Special – Personal Training

January was one of the toughest times for the fitness industry but we are back to normal!!  As a personal trainer, I want you to get better health by working out. Now it is time to take advantage of the opportunity. 

If you decide to start in February, the first session is only $40!! (Normally $60 for the initial personal training session and $70 for a regular session) . I am waiting for you at the gym!!

Strength Training and Weight Loss

  • Strength training raises resting metabolic rate and results in more calories burned on a daily basis. 
  • The microtrauma repair and muscle remodeling processes require increased energy for at least 72 hours following a challenging strength training session.
  • Strength training increases muscle mass, decreases fat mass, and raises resting metabolic rate, effectively countering primary degenerative processes of sedentary aging.
  • The calories used during the strength training session and in the post exercise muscle remodeling period contribute to fat loss and provide associated health benefits.

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Check some of exercises during Personal Training