Finally I had a booster shot

Roughly 6 months after the second shot, I had a booster shot.  It seems that a pain in the arm is lingering but I am really hoping this booster shots make our life go back to normal. 

In-home Personal Training Available

Utilize Superset / Circuit to Workout Efficiently

Normally a personal training is the one hour session but if you got 30 minutes for training, it is better than nothing.  In this case, I would use superset or circuit training.

What is superset? 

superset has two exercises and you will execute these two exercises one after one without taking long break.

Example of superset

  • Step up 10 repetition
  • Push up 10 – 12 repetition
  • Set 2 – 4

What is circuit training?  

Circuit training has 3 or more exercises and you will execute these exercises one after the others.  

Example of circuit training

  • Walking Lunge 20 repetition in total
  • Lat Pull down 10 repetition
  • Plank (any variation) 30 – 45 sec hold

Training Back, Chest, Abs

Some exercises during personal training here