Avoid those movement if you have Low Back Pain

These are general recommendations and possibly don’t apply to everyone (I know someone who does deadlift and his back felt better by doing it). However, it may be better to stay away from these movements to prevent low back pain.

Unsupported forward flexion

Basically deadlift and good morning exercises are out as well as bending over hamstring stretch.

Example of Good morning HERE

My dad used to say this “I often got low back pain when picking a light object up from the ground”. 

The problem is you tend to be careless about a position when you pick up something light.  Not only do you have to lift up an object, but also you should bear the weight of your torso.  Squatting may be a better choice while having low back pain( if you feel no pain by squatting, though). 

Twisting at the waist with turned feet, especially when carrying a load

The spine in a neutral position is crucial to prevent low back pain.  If you have low back pain already,  you don’t want to damage it further (The worst position is bending and then twisting).

Generally you should avoid all twisting movements. Instead anti rotation exercises to strengthen the side of abs may be suitable. Click here to learn more about anti rotation exercises.

Lifting both legs simultaneously when in a prone or supine position

example of lifting both legs in a supine position

Lifting both legs can be very challenging because in the position, legs pulls hips to tilt forward which is lumbar lordosis.  Lifting leg one by one like a deadbug may be better to teach yourself how you can maintain the neutral spine position.

Example of Deadbug exercise HERE

Rapid movements, such as twisting, forward flexion, or hyperextension

Ballistic movement should be avoided.  Ballistic movement is the uncontrolled rapid movement.  If you are Japanese, you know Radio Taiso 

These are the example of ballistic movements and I would not recommend you to do it (especially some include spine flexion, hyperextension and lateral flexion).



  • The spine neutral all the time
  • Exercises that you feel no pain during and after


  • Any movements require with lumbar spine movements
  • Any movements that you feel low back pain during and after
  • Twisting
  • Rapid movement

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