Training Goal – Personal Training

Having a long term goal as well as a short term goal is a great way to stick to a training program.  One of my clients whose personal training goal for this year is jumping rope doubles for 50 times.  She did 26, 12, 19 yesterday, and 26 is her personal record so far.  Let’s see how she can improve from here.


Too old to lift weights?

One of the most amazing aspects of resistance exercise is that it works about equally well for people of all ages. In a 10 week strength training study with more than 1,700 men and women between 21 and 80 years old, the muscle gains were statistically similar for those 21 and 44, those between ages 45 and 54, those between ages 55 and 64, and those between 65 and 80. Older muscles are very responsive to progressive resistance exercise.

Specific Training for Older people 

It should be functional training including all 5 basic human movements that are pull, push, squat, single leg movement and rotation. Fortunately, I have learned to train older people in the previous gym.  I am here for you If you need help.

In-home training for older people here