COVID-19 Updates -Personal Training-

Dr. Bonnie Henry announced masks will no longer be required in public indoor settings effective March 11, 2022. 

I will wear a mask during personal training sessions upon request. Don’t be shy to ask me for the first consultation.

Postural Balance in overweight

It has been proposed that body size and shape influence static postural stability by altering the location of the center of gravity in overweight and obese individuals. It seems that an anterior displacement of the center of gravity places obese individuals closer to their limits of stability and, as such, at greater risk of falling. 

Fortunately, regular physical activity has been shown to have a profound positive influence on balance performance in adults. Therefore, exercise programs that focus on weight reduction, balance training, and fall prevention in obese and overweight adults can help reduce the likelihood of falls occurring in this population.

Some exercises during personal training