Ab Training with BOSU

I think I talked a lot about abs exercises. That’s because I love them.  If you want to get a six pack, consistency is always the key.  Don’t hope the results come in a week.  When you start out, you should think this is the long term goal.

Why do you use BOSU?

Firstly, if you perform the exercises on an unstable surface, the core muscles have to work extra to stabilize your body.   With BOSU,  it is perfect for it.  You can use a rounded side up or upside down.  Secondly, if you are bored with doing normal planks, situps and want to challenge yourself, mix up your exercises routine,  swiss ball, BOSU, and a wheel are great.  I found more people stick to their exercise routine in this way.



This is not sit up but crunch that means you don’t need to lift up the torso all the way up. In fact, if you want to work on rectus abdominis ( six pack muscle ), sit up is not necessary. Rectus abdominis muscle responsibility is not lifting up the torso all the way.

Make sure not pull your neck during going up phase. You may strain the neck muscle.

Plank and Knee tuck


Maintain the plank position for the whole time and don’t perform it too fast.  If you want to feel the burn at the end, hold 1 – 2 seconds each time you bring a leg towards the Bosu. 

Plank Stir the pot


This is basically plank that means you always want to maintain the spine neutral. Otherwise, you may injure the low back.  You can try this exercise on swiss ball, too

Some core exercises here

Some exercises during personal training in videos here