Anti Rotation Core Exercises 2

Another side of the ab day.  If you get bored by doing normal planks, adding these to your workout may be a good mix. You can do them at home with some weights or maybe I can teach you at my personal training gym!!

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Why should you do anti rotation exercises?

Your body has frontal part of ab muscles as well as side part of ab muscles.  Working on side abs is critical to stabilize the spine.  However, these muscles responsibilities are trunk lateral flexion and trunk rotation.  These movements give the spine unwanted excessive shear force that may cause low back pain.  That’s why You want to train these muscles by maintaining the spine neutral and anti rotation exercises are perfect for it.



Birddog is the first choice if you want to recover from low back pain. Don’t do it too quickly. Instead, count 2 – 3 seconds each time when your arm is up in the air. its progression is easily done. 

Progressions are

  • Add weights
  • Perform it on the bench 
  • Add row movement on the bench (with some weights)
  • Repetition 8 – 12
  • Set 2 – 3

Plank plus leg raises


You hold your body with 4 points while planking, then lifting either one arm or leg, holding the position and count one one thousandth to challenge you to maintain the same position.  If you want to challenge yourself more, place your feet apart. 

  • Duration 30 – 40 sec
  • Set 2 – 3

Plank Renegade Row


Adding more weights makes this exercise simply harder.  If you decide to try any anti rotation exercise with one arm up, your feet should be apart. In fact, a common mistake is that one side of the butt tilts too much and kills the purpose of doing this. Keep hips parallel to the ground for the entire time.

  • Duration 20 – 30 sec
  • Set 2 – 3

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