Good Friday April 15th -Personal Training-

This coming Friday April 15th Good Friday, I work as normal. If you are planning to eat a lot for this long weekend,  why not workout before?  I am here to help you burn the calories during personal training sessions.

Interesting fact of Resting Heart Rate

  • Body position affects RHR.  Standing or sitting positions elevate heart rate more so than supine or prone lying positions due to the involvement of postural muscles and the effects of gravity.
  • Digestion increases RHR, as the processes of absorption and digestion require energy, necessitating the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Environmental factors can affect RHR, as it is believed that noise, temperature, and sharing of personal information can place additional stress on the body, increasing heart rate as the body attempts to tolerate the stressors.

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