Try this if you want to learn Front Split Part 2

Part 1, I showed some static stretches and progress with using blocks to mimic the front split.  Now you want to progress further and more effectively.  I found learning the method I am going to explain, helped me be able to do the front split faster.

See the part 1 here

PNF stretch

PNF stands for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.  This method of promoting the response of neuromuscular mechanisms through the stimulation of proprioceptors in an attempt to gain more stretch in a muscle.

When a static stretch is initially performed, a temporary increase in muscle tension. This tension progressively decreases as the duration of the stretch progresses. After 10 seconds of a low force stretch, the increase in muscle tension activates a golgi tendon organ.   Under golgi tendon organ activation, any tension in the muscle is temporarily inhibited, allowing further muscle stretching.

Example of PNF stretch

Try PNF with using block front split stretch

As you can see from the video above, PNF stretching is done with a partner and it is definitely more effective (that’s because you can fully relax when somebody stretches you).  But for the front split, I think it is impossible to do with somebody.


I strongly believe you want to do the actual movement to master it. Start with some blocks where you feel comfortable stretching, hold the position for 10 seconds, then contract the muscles that are hamstring and hip flexor, for 5 seconds and relax again.  After attempting this stretching for a few times, using some towels instead of the block, that way, you can sink lower. 

Remember this doesn’t come in a day or two.  You want to do it consistently.  It took me 5 – 6 months to get all the way down.  I hope this will help some of you. Have fun with stretching!!