Excessive tilt of a torso during Squat

If you have been doing personal training  for so long, you will see lots of different kinds of people.  And each individual has unique conditions.  Here are some tips if you squat tilting too forward and why you shouldn’t keep doing it.

Relating to hamstring tear

Hamstring tears occur most often during the squat when the torso is too far forward. The hamstring muscle group is in an extremely stretched position when a torso is tilted excessively. 

Squat in front of the wall


Squat in front of the wall limits the movement of the torso going forward and will educate you, how you should perform squats.  It may be hard to balance first, so it may be good to have a personal trainer assisting you or holding some weights (doesn’t need to be too heavy) to counterbalance yourself.

Try these squats if you feel in pain

Some exercises during personal training in videos here