Good Balance of Muscle Part2

This part is mostly for training and stretching.   If you have anterior pelvic tilt or sitting all day, they may help you to make your body alignment normal.  

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Create muscle balance around Pelvic

As I wrote in part 1,  muscles work with their neighbor muscles.  Example of a person with anterior pelvic tilt, most likely you have tight hip flexors muscles (shortened) and opposite side of the muscle that is glutes are lengthened.  Hip flexors muscle is shortened doesn’t mean this muscle is strong at all.

Hip flexors stretch


I would recommend this stretch for tight hip flexor muscle.  Sitting in front of a bench, your body should get close to the bench and place a foot on it. As you see the image, you want to rotate the hip to feel the good stretch. Hold the position for 30 seconds and do the same on the other side.

Partner Training during Personal Training

Partner stretch is more effective because when you want to stretch any muscle, the muscle should be relaxed.  It is very hard to achieve by yourself. Also one of the quadriceps muscles that is rectus femoris, flexes the hip. This muscle is so hard to stretch by yourself but not with a partner stretch.

Rectus Femoris muscle

Training Glutes Muscles


Training gluteus maximus alone is a good idea to start with instead of performing squats, lunges with heavy weight since lengthening glute is not functioning properly most likely.  

Lying down on the back, bring one of the knees toward the chest, hold the knee and start performing single leg brides. Make sure movement comes from the hip but not the spine. Engage the core muscle through the movement!

Training Abs

Remember hip flexors neighbour is ab muscles, too. Lengthening ab muscles is likely weak especially if you are sedentary.  Doing plank is effective and not too hard to start with.

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