If you can’t pass this test, you need to start training immediately

These exercises shouldn’t be too tough to do this daily.  No more excuses.  Fix the problem when it is there.  Otherwise the bone will be fixed and you will slouch for the rest of your life.

Test your mobility

Starting position is 

  • Standing in front of the wall, the back is against it.
  • The head is on the wall
  • Keep the chin tuck 

Now you try to reach your hands up and touch the wall. 

If your upper body has a normal range of motion, you shouldn’t have any problem doing this.  If your lower back has to contribute some to complete the movement, your chest muscles, t-spine may not be in the normal range of motion.  But if you can’t touch the wall at all, then start exercising / stretching immediately. 

Your body always tries to give  you warnings.  So don’t ignore it.

Shoulder Mobility


You need only a bench to do this stretch / mobility exercise.  Kneeling down in front of the bench, both hands are on the bench, then slowly going down and keeping the position like the image above.  Keep the position for 30 seconds.  Stretching is recommended 3 to 4 times a week  but more is better.  Make sure you warm up before stretching.

T-Spine mobility


You need a form roller to do this mobility exercise.  Lying on the form roller, and extending the t-spine, Making sure the t-spine is right above the form roller, not the lumbar spine.  Try this for 10 repetitions.