Victoria Day May 23rd -Personal Training-

May 23rd Victoria day is a BC holiday.  I will be working as usual from 8am – 8pm.  Do you want an early morning workout?   I am here to help you.  Don’t be shy to ask me to start personal training sessions.

Is strength training bad for the blood pressure?

Long bouts of isometric exercise are not recommended for older adults or hypertensive individuals. Holding one-s breath can also raise blood pressure to undesirable levels due to the valsalva effect.

However, resistance training that involves continuous movement and continuous breathing does not cause large increases in blood pressure. 

Moreover, the long term effects of circuit strength training on resting blood pressure are profoundly positive. Research has demonstrated that several weeks of circuit resistance exercise leads to approximately 4% reduction in resting DBP and 3% reduction in resting SBP.