Something to consider about when you Bench Press

Everyone has a unique body type and I found just because something works fine for you, doesn’t mean it works for the other people.  You want to listen to what your body says and may want to modify it depending on how your body feels. 

Unique individual body type

A small rib cage combined with long arms increases the excursion of the bar, making the movement painful while at the same time limiting the strength developed. Furthermore, when the bar approaches the chest, the pectoralis major is dangerously stretched. When heavier weights are used, it increases the risk of muscular tears and tendinous disruptions.

A barrel chest coupled with short arms allows for safe performance of a supine bench press by limiting the amplitude of the movement and stretch of the pectoralis major at the end of the descent of the bar

Different technique

Performing bench press with the elbows apart directs most of the effort onto the pectoralis major.  On the other hand, bench press with elbows closer together, is for people who have deltoids that are stronger than the pectoralis major.  

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