Personal Training for Senior

Here are some common questions I get from people and I decided to write this that’s because I want to encourage more seniors who have free time to participate in strength training.  My client who is senior, started almost 4 weeks ago and she sleeps better at night than before.  I hope more people feel positive change in their life by exercising.

Intimidated by others

This is one common excuse I hear from people. “I am too old or I am too fat and don’t want to workout around people who are fit, who are so athletic”.  Although there may be some trainees who are very fit at the gym, there are also some other seniors / obese people at the gym.  And nobody watches what others are doing. Instead they focus on themselves.  If you still feel uncomfortable, weekends have been so slow.  I would be open for weekends as well.

Weight lifting is for young people

Fortunately, resistance exercises work equally well for people of all ages.  In a 10 week strength training study with more than 1700 men and women between 21 and 80 years old, the muscle gains were statistically similar for those between ages 21 and 44, those between ages 45 and 54, those between ages 55 and 64, and those between 65 and 80.  There is no reason to start out even though you are over 70 who has no experience of resistance training.

How often should  you exercise?

Perform 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity, or 75 minutes per week of vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity are recommended. Also Resistance training which targets all major muscle groups at least two days per week.  

 If you are to train with a personal trainer for twice a week ( 2 hours resistance training plus some cardio ) , try to do an extra 1 hour by yourself.  One simple solution to achieve this goal would be walking to your destination. One of my clients who recently started and is senior, walks to grocery shopping whenever she feels like.  

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