What I learned by Personal Training for 6 years

Come to think about what I have done for 6 years, I made so many mistakes. The moment that happened made me depressed or frustrated. But I think making those mistakes was a great opportunity for me to be a better personal trainer as well as a better person.  This reminds me of Cao cao from the three kingdoms era in China, quoted “天よ、百難をわれに与えよ” meaning is something like “give me 100 ordeals”.  He believed in surpassing the ordeals makes him stronger. 

Client’s goals oriented program

This may make you think “of course, that’s why they are coming to see you.” However, when I worked under somebody, I realized that many trainers, including myself before, tend to design programs that you like.  That’s because we make programs based on  what we have been doing in the past?  That’s because we think this is fun and their clients would also have fun?  But I found we should never forget their goals. 

Clients want to feel “I worked out today”

When you have a new client, for sure that you need to teach the correct form, what to avoid, how they can do better and so on.  But I used to explain too much and try to make them perfect first.  For some people, understanding the body position while squatting is harder than the others.  I always should understand that, teach them one thing, then next.  Otherwise, clients just think too much, and even don’t learn anything. At the end of the personal training session, I talk too much and clients may not feel like working out enough.

Educating clients correct information, however

Spot deduction is something I am being asked all the time.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t work mechanically. I educate clients why it doesn’t work.  However, in reality, I target the muscles for them.  Why? Because I know clients want to feel it. They want to finish training with a positive experience.   I want everyone to continue doing strength training for a long time for their health.   Making clients feel great after working out is so important to me.

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Put yourself on their shoes

We all know we should.  However, this is so easy to say but hard to do.   Specifically, what you think “oh this is easy, everyone can do it” is not easy for all the people.  I always have to be ready to modify exercises I planned to do due to their body size, past / current injury, or age related issues.