Dynamic warm up before training

Why do we do dynamic warm ups?  Not only do they increase mobility but also they make you ready for your training sessions. And it is always good that a dynamic warm up mimics the movement that you are going to do. 

Why is static stretch before training bad?

If very high intensity training is performed, stretching may actually inhibit the ability to achieve full intensity.  This is attributed to the fact that stretching improves muscle elasticity.  It is recommended at the end of training sessions.

Learn static stretch

Split stance adductor mobility 

starting position
rocking back

This is a great way to improve adductor mobility. Starting with all hands and feet are on the floor but one leg directly straight out, align with the hip.  The lower back should be maintained with a neutral arch,  then you move back as you maintain the spine neutral position.  If the lower back starts to round, that’s where your range of motion and move forward to go back to the starting point.

Walking lunge (deep)


Taking a long stride into a deep lunge position.  You want to focus on the back flat, but chest up   Depth is important if you want to increase the adductor mobility.  You never want to round the back throughout the movement.

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