Deadlift list of dos

It is like check lists I have before I do. Repeat them in my head and I normally start lifting.

Deadlift list of don’ts

How to start deadlift

Feet usually shoulder apart and knees aligned with feet, the back is neutral and your hips to head should be nicely aligned (throughout the movement).  If you have tight hamstrings, ankle, the lower back may compensate the movement that means the lower back is rounded.  In that case, you may want to work on the mobility / flexibility in hamstrings and ankles.  Until then, you may consider lifting from the elevated surface. 

Fill up the space

deadlift personal training

Don’t lift the weight up from the ground.  What I mean by this is the bar and plates have a small space.  You first want to lift up a bit to fill up the space, then lift up the whole weight. 

Engage the Lat

deadlift2 personal training

Deadlift is so great because it

  • is a compound exercise. 
  • is a closed chain exercise.
  • is whole body exercise.

However, they mean you need to focus on many parts of the body simultaneously.  After filling up the small space, make sure to  pack your shoulders.  Depress and retract the scapula. This will stabilize the upper body during the movement.

Depress and retract the scapula

Engage the core

It is so easy to say, but not so easy to do so throughout the movement. Pull your belly button towards the stomach, keeping the position and “hold the pee”.  If you don’t know how, it may be easy to learn it while lying down on the ground.

Why you need to engage the core muscles