3 points row should be in your training routine

I don’t know but I love training my back muscles (lat, trap, rhomboids) over chest muscles. Maybe I always wanted to have back muscles like Baki? haha who knows.  It is always good to train your back muscles since we are so conditioned to sit all day.

Which muscles is it targeting primary?

Compound exercises are always great, that’s because multiple joints movements are required to complete the movement that means more muscles are involved.  You can train your body efficiently.  Here are the primary muscles for the 3 points row.

  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Elbow flexors muscles (mainly brachioradialis )
  • Posterior deltoid
  • Rhomboids

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3 points row execution

3pt-row personal training

First you should understand the position and don’t lift the weight yet. Bending over, placing one hand on a bench, back is neutral, as well as the head.  Bracing the core and starting to lift the weight.   Making sure the shoulder is packed throughout the movement.

What is shoulder packing?

It is like engaging the core muscles while lifting, but for the shoulders.  What you want to do is depress, retract the scapula while lifting.  It is considered to be a strong position for the shoulders.

Why is 3 points row sooo good?

Training the core muscles is not just doing One punch man 100 sit ups. (Yes I love the anime). Unlike symmetrical training methods, with single arm training, your abs need to work harder as a stabilizer to complete the movement.  As your muscles grow, you will want to use heavier weights for muscle strengthening / hypertrophy. The heavier the weight is, the more the stabilizer muscles need to work.  

Another variation

3pt-row2 personal training

It may be too challenging for someone with constant low back pain.  In that case, you may want to place your knee on the bench to do row movement.  I had one client doing this, and it was fine for this trainee.  

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