A lot of benefit by doing row movement

You should come to the gym if you haven’t trained for a while.  Your back muscles need to be trained to keep your healthy posture.   I will show you in our personal training gym if you are interested.

What muscles are you training

There are various ways to do row movements but generally speaking, target muscles are below

Why should you row?

The middle trapezius is commonly weak or fatigued in individuals who have rounded shoulders in a standing posture. Also when the rhomboids are weak or overstressed, the shoulder blades may tilt and pull away from the thorax due to the unopposed tension exerted by the serratus anterior and pectoralis minor. Row movements are effective in strengthening the rhomboids.

Seated Row

personal training seated row

This is the one that I normally recommend and one of the reasons to ask people to come and train at the gym instead of training in the park.  


personal training trx row

You can set up TRX anywhere. You just change the feet position to increase the intensity.  I find someone with a tight neck like myself, having a hard time doing TRX row, though.

Inverted Row

personal training inverted row

It is a tough exercise and good for someone who is willing to challenge themselves.  Just like TRX row, someone with a tight neck may have a hard time doing this.

Bent over Row

personal training bentoverrow

You can use a bar or dumbbells.  This is not the best choice for someone with low back pain. But it is relatively easy to increase the intensity.

Some tips for posture here