Advantage of training with self employed personal trainer (Vancouver)

It has been almost 4 years since I started working alone.  Here is the list you would benefit by hiring me as a personal trainer.  


According to this website, “club industry“, 80% turnover rate annually.  Also, when I was in apprenticeship, I was told the average length of staying in the same gym as an employee is 2  years.  

If you like the gym because of the location, or like to workout with different trainers all the time,  following the big gym will be a good decision.  However, not many trainees like that. In fact, they want to train with one trainer.  If you decide to train with a self-employed personal trainer, you won’t need to worry about this.

Intimidated by gyms?

Some of my clients who never went to the gym told me they were intimidated easily by the other people around him / her.  That’s because some trainees are big, fit, and look better than them. 

There is almost nothing you can do if you work in the big gym.  However, at the gym where I work, I can always check the time slot and how many people are there.  You can ask me anytime to find a relatively quiet time, or even when there is nobody but us.

Check some of pictures of the gym

Cancellation policy

When I was working under the previous gym, this was something I was always hearing about. Specifically trainees’ complaints. 

He had an appointment on Monday, however the gym closes every Sunday. He started feeling sick some time on Sunday but couldn’t cancel the day before since there was no one at the gym,  Then he was charged due to the late cancellation. 

It won’t happen with me, since I will answer you even on the weekends. If you want to know about my cancellation policy, see below. 

Cancellation Policy