Thanks Giving Day October 10th -Personal Training-

Thanksgiving day on October 10th,  the business is open from 8am – 8pm.  If you are going to eat a big dinner that night, why not burn off some calories before the dinner?  

Are free weights/ machines better than bodyweight?

As I was doing gymnastics, I thought bodyweight training is the best and only hard core can bear the bodyweight training.  To answer this, I would say there is nothing wrong with any of resistance training method.

However, I found the disadvantage of doing only bodyweight training.

Too difficult for complete beginner 

If you have a skinny figure like me, you may never think pushups, pullups and other bodyweight training are hard.  But there are so many different kinds of people out there. If you have never done any kind of strength training, bodyweight training is too advanced for them.

May be too tough on your joints

Unlike free weights, you must bear your whole body weight. And also if you are relatively bigger than normal size, bodyweight training could be too challenging.  Not only they may not be able to complete the exercises but also they lose confidence in themselves.

End up adding more reps

Once you become strong, then you want to push yourself harder. But how?  With bodyweight, most likely you have to add more reps and reps.  This may lose your control of doing some exercises but also should be time consuming. 

Don’t get me wrong. I still think bodyweight training is so fun.  However, mixing up your exercise method can be beneficial and I strongly suggest learning free weight as well for bodyweight training lovers. You may get even stronger by doing so.

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