Personal Training progress with one of my clients

personal training progress

Her goal is not weight loss, but improving general fitness level.   Last time, she checked her body mass and body fat percentage, she was so shocked by the poor results. Since then we have been working harder (strength training) to get better results.  

Here are the results after training for 6 months – personal training once in every other week plus she does strength training on her own 1 – 2 times a week. 

  • Body fat mass – 3.1kg
  • Skeletal muscle mass + 1.2kg

About this client

personal training vancouver

She enjoys marathons and still participates in city marathon events.  However, she has been struggling with her glute issue.  We have been working on muscles around the injured area.  But someday her glute is not in good condition, so we just focus on  her upper body as well as core strength.

BMI is good doesn’t mean…

Are you thinking my weight is normal and I am fine with the current condition without doing strength training?  

It is so important to gain lean muscle mass especially if you are a female.  You may not reverse or prevent osteoporosis completely but strength training may slow down the osteoporosis.  There are so many other cons by doing strength training regularly. 

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