Some of the ways to work on Adductor muscle

One of my personal training clients has glute issue, and I have been working with her doing some what physio recommended.  We have been working all muscles around her glutes including adductor muscles. Here are some exercise we have been doing.

Adductor muscles

Hip adductor muscles located on your inner thigh.  Hence the name, its function is to adduct the hip (opposite from side leg raise movement)  and rotate the hip inward, too. Although many people have weaker “hip abductor muscles” and focus more on exercises such as side lying leg raises, crab walk,  a muscle never works itself.  Also I know many ladies like to work adductor muscles.

Adductor muscles

You may know how to work on these muscles by side lying position and lifting the leg close to the ground.  Let’s see what else you can work on these muscles.

Side lying leg raises for adductor muscles

Bridge with a ball

bridge personal training

  As you can see on the image, you want to have a ball (slightly squishy one)  and do bridges.  While lifting the hip, try to squeeze the ball. That way, you will activate inner thigh muscles more,  For the bridge movement, you always want to make sure movement is coming from only the hip, but never from the lumbar spine, then use the heel to lift the hip.    I could make it hard for you during personal training sessions. 

Side plank on bench

sideplank personal training

Performing side plank but one leg is on the bench to focus on adductor muscles.  This is great since you are working multi muscles at the same time.  

Training on hip Abductor muscles