Detail about Personal Training

I hope you will have better ideas for what you can get by working with personal training sessions. 

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パーソナルトレーニング ジム

For example, when a personal trainer assesses your body, they would check to see if there would be postural deviation such as lumbar lordosis, kyphotic posture.  The personal trainer may assume there is a possibility of tight muscles and can work on the muscles around (can be stretched, strengthened, mobilized).  However, the personal trainer can’t diagnose the cause of postural deviation. 


form roller

Providing deep tissue massage to relieve tight muscles is out of scope of practice with personal training certification.   What we can help you is to teach the clients self myofascial release techniques by using foam roller. 

Exercises for injury

stability exercise personal training

You may be cleared for exercise by physical therapy for certain injury. However, 

the personal trainer won’t provide PNF mobilization exercises used during physical therapy.   The personal trainer will implement exercises to improve joint stability and building on the work done in physical therapy.