Anti Rotational Exercises Part 2

Probably since I was doing gymnastics in the past, I love doing core exercises.  However, I have been doing core exercises smart.  I will no longer do One Punch Man 100 sit ups haha

Part 1 here

Want to know what One Punch Man challenge is?

How should it be done?

As I mentioned in the previous post, maintaining the core position neutral is the key to make anti-rotation core exercises work.  In addition, you should intentionally engage the core muscles while doing these exercises.

Here are two exercises you can try and progress your training.

Plank + row movement

personal trainer kitsilano

You can try with resistance band and pulley machine.  It may be hard to do this alternatively, so you may want to try one side, then the other.   Ultimately, you can try on the floor but it is pretty tough without rotating the torso.  Making sure the torso is parallel to the ground throughout the movement.

Plank + Single arm row movement with a dumbbell

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This is almost like 3 points row but the position is “plank position”.  Using weights are so great because you can add intensity so easily by just adding more weights.