Why Squats Are a Better Choice than the Leg Press Machine

Welcome to this article on the benefits of squatting over using the leg press machine. By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of the advantages of incorporating squats into your workout routine. While there may be some instances where the leg press machine is a safe and effective option, our focus will be on the superior benefits of the squat for overall lower body strength and functional movement. So let’s dive in and explore why the squat is such a powerful exercise.

Open and Closed Chain Exercises

In the realm of exercise, there exists a distinction between closed chain and open chain movements. Closed chain exercises involve fixing the extremities at their furthest point, and they encompass renowned exercises like push-ups, squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups. Conversely, open chain exercises allow the extremities to move freely without fixation. Notable examples include machine leg press, dumbbell chest press, and lat pulldowns.

Now, you might wonder why you should consider incorporating closed chain exercises into your routine over their open chain counterparts. Here are two compelling reasons that shed light on their advantages.

Involving More Muslces

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Closed chain exercises offer a remarkable advantage by engaging a multitude of muscles throughout the body.

Consider the contrasting demands placed on your muscles when performing a pull-up compared to using the lat pulldown machine. While the lat pulldown machine serves as an invaluable tool, particularly for individuals seeking to develop upper body strength, it is essential to acknowledge the formidable challenge presented by bodyweight pull-ups.

The execution of pull-ups not only activates the prominent back muscles but also calls upon the intricate network of core muscles, resulting in a harmonious interplay that fortifies the entire upper body and fosters heightened stability.

Functional Movement

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In the realm of functional movement, where the focus lies on activities pertinent to sports and daily life, the significance of closed chain exercises becomes even more apparent.

While leg presses performed on a machine effectively target the quadriceps and gluteal muscles, it is crucial to consider the practicality and real-life applications of these movements. Reflect upon the instances when you find yourself lying on a bench, exerting force against an external resistance. Contrast that with the necessity of performing squats, which aligns with everyday activities like picking up objects from the floor or loading and unloading items from your vehicle. Safely executing squats entails a coordinated effort involving the flexion of the hips, bending of the knees, and maintenance of an upright upper body posture, thereby engaging a diverse array of muscles throughout the lower body and core.

In Conclusion :

The distinction between closed chain exercises and their open chain counterparts becomes evident when considering the holistic recruitment of muscles, functional movement patterns, and the practicality of each exercise in everyday life.

By prioritizing closed chain exercises such as pull-ups and squats, you can reap the benefits of increased muscle activation, enhanced functional strength, and improved overall fitness, enabling you to excel not only in your training but also in the activities that define your daily existence.

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