Proper Landing Skills: Enhancing Performance and Reducing Injury Risks

Plyometrics is a versatile training method that benefits not only athletes but also individuals of all ages, including seniors, when performed with proper technique and progression. Having personally experienced this type of training, I can attest to its enjoyable yet challenging nature.

Plyometrics for preventing injury

The Key Role of Landing Skills in Injury Prevention

To mitigate the risk of injury, mastering proper landing skills is paramount. While many basketball players, volleyball players, and gymnasts focus on achieving impressive vertical jumps, it is equally important to emphasize the technique and mechanics of landing safely.

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not proper landing
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squat as landing to absorb the power

Techniques for Soft Landing and Optimal Joint Alignment

One essential aspect of landing effectively is practicing soft landings and achieving deep hip and knee flexion to absorb the impact. Maintaining proper alignment is crucial, with the knees aligned with the toes. Deviating into varus or valgus positions during landing can increase the likelihood of injury.

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knees collapsing inward
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knees aligned

The Role of Hamstrings in Landing Mechanics

Recent studies have highlighted the significance of hamstring activation during landing, particularly in female athletes. Compared to their male counterparts, female athletes tend to contract their quadriceps more than their hamstrings during landing and in response to anterior tibial translation. However, the hamstrings play a vital role as agonists in resisting forces that strain the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). By resisting anterior shear forces on the tibia and functioning as a joint compressor, the hamstrings contribute to knee stability.


Injury prevention is closely linked to the firing and activation of the hamstrings. If the hamstrings fail to properly decelerate the body’s speed during landing, excessive force may be placed on the knees, potentially leading to injury. Therefore, prioritizing hamstring strength and activation is crucial for maintaining proper landing mechanics and reducing the risk of knee-related injuries.

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