Maximize Your Result with Our Female Personal Trainer in Kitsilano, Vancouver

I have received feedback from several people in the past who were looking for a Japanese female personal trainer or had specifically searched for a female trainer in Vancouver.

I’m pleased to announce that we now have a Japanese female personal trainer joining our team.

Mariko Horikoshi – ACE Certified Personal Trainer

female personal trainer kitsilano vancouver

Mariko battled a serious illness, spending nearly two years in the hospital. During her recovery, she realized the importance of strength training and a healthy diet. With the support of those around her, Mariko successfully recovered from her illness. Throughout this journey, she was particularly impressed by the impact of personal training and decided to pursue a career as a sports instructor.

“I’ve experienced rock bottom, and if I can help even one person who’s going through a similar experience, it would mean a lot to me.” – Mariko

Benefits of a Female Personal Trainer

As of writing this article, I (Yusuke) have been involved in personal training for eight years. I’ve learned about injury prevention, training to avoid exacerbating existing injuries, training for optimal weight loss, and training for older individuals. However, there are aspects unique to the female body, such as subtle changes and emotional control due to hormonal imbalances, that can only be truly understood by a female trainer. I believe that addressing these gender-specific concerns alongside physical training can be incredibly beneficial.

I’ve also been learning from Mariko about the best approaches to training women.

Training Approach

After graduating from Infofit College, Mariko holds a Personal Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). With her ACE certification, she possesses in-depth knowledge of strength training and we continually discuss and work together to enhance our training techniques.

The following is the message from Mariko to everyone!

Embrace Your Best Self

If you feel like you don’t have anything you love about yourself, I recommend my training program. Why? Because through training, change is inevitable. Every one of 100 people will transform. There are no exceptions.

This is because building muscle through physical activity is a certainty. If you simply laze around and do nothing, nothing will change. Start with determination and commit to training for three months. You will definitely feel some kind of change. And you’ll be amazed. Your body will start to take shape, your lines will become beautiful, your clothes will fit better, your makeup and hairstyle may change. Gradually, changes that boost your confidence will manifest themselves.

Training Focused on Glutes, Beautiful Legs, and a Slim Waist

I emphasize a comprehensive approach to body transformation, fat reduction, and body shaping. After years of hospitalization and rehabilitation, I deeply understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

My passion lies in helping you achieve more attractive body curves, a fuller butt, and beautiful legs. This is based on my personal experience of consistently focusing on training for glutes, beautiful legs, and a slim waist. Additionally, I will provide safe methods for those who want to pursue health and start exercising and strength training.

female personal trainer kitsilano vancouver

Rather than dwelling on the causes of your concerns, it’s essential to focus on how your ideal self can be achieved and what you can do to reach those goals. By being concerned and taking this step, you have already begun.

If you’re truly committed to changing yourself and want to transform, challenge yourself under my guidance for three months. I practice what I preach and will prove it.

Anyone interested in training, regardless of gender, please contact us here.

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