The Biomechanics of Lunge Squats: A Study on Equipment and Loads

Lunge squats are a popular lower limb strengthening exercise, yet the impact of different equipment on this exercise remains underexplored.

This study delves into the biomechanical effects of various equipment and loads during lunge squats, aiming to provide insights for fitness enthusiasts and professionals.


gluteal muscle engagement

Involving fourteen male fitness novices, this experiment measured kinematics and kinetics in the sagittal plane. Equipment variations, including dumbbells, barbells, and weighted vests, were assessed using OpenSim. Statistical analyses such as Two-way repeated measures ANOVA and one-dimensional statistical parametric mapping (SPM1D) were employed.


The study revealed notable differences in knee joint range of motion (ROM) based on the equipment used. Barbells induced a more significant ROM change compared to minimal changes with dumbbells. The hip joint experienced the most substantial change in joint moment, particularly with dumbbells. Additionally, the center of pressure (COP) displacement was smaller when using dumbbells.


For male beginners, incorporating dumbbells in lunge squats is recommended to enhance stability. Those with more experience may find barbells suitable, while individuals with knee pain might benefit from a low-weighted vest. These findings offer valuable guidance for optimizing lunge squat workouts based on individual needs and fitness levels.


Apart from the study findings, practical considerations include the versatility of dumbbells, allowing for easy use anywhere in the gym. In contrast, a barbell might require specific equipment like a rack. Additionally, as strength increases, transitioning to a barbell may become more feasible.

An important aspect to note is the forward lean during lunges, influencing spinal alignment. Managing this forward lean may pose challenges with heavier barbells, whereas dumbbells offer relative ease in maintaining proper form. Fitness enthusiasts should consider these factors in their equipment selection, taking into account both effectiveness and practicality.


Influence of Different Load Conditions on Lower Extremity Biomechanics during the Lunge Squat in Novice Men

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