About us

Yusuke Asakawa

personal trainer vancouver

His ACE certification and nearly a decade of experience, combined with a background in gymnastics, reflect his strong commitment to prioritizing safety and effectiveness in every individual’s fitness journey.

His motivation for the fitness industry stems from overcoming numerous personal injuries, which has allowed him to gain valuable insights into injury prevention and emphasize functional movement. These experiences have further honed his ability to tailor fitness regimens to specific needs and circumstances.

Mariko Horikoshi

female personal trainer vancouver

She is an ACE certified personal trainer who emerged victorious from a two-year health ordeal. Her remarkable recovery journey sparked a profound dedication to aiding others through the power of exercise.

Specializing in enhancing confidence, she crafts tailored fitness programs that not only promote better self-esteem but also target specific goals such as a more defined physique, shapely buttocks, and toned legs.

If you’re seeking guidance to embark on a transformative fitness journey, she is your trusted partner. Join her in the pursuit of a healthier, more empowered you.

Transform Your Posture and Elevate Your Health

Concerned about your posture?

Our specialized approach not only enhances posture but also fosters overall health.

Prefer a female trainer?

I proudly introduce Mariko, a dedicated female trainer, offering exclusive services. Choose the trainer who aligns with your preference.

Dealing with joint issues, lower back pain, arthritis, or recovering from an injury?

Consistent exercise, especially when tailored to your needs, can significantly reduce discomfort. Let us guide you towards a healthier body with the right exercise regimen.

As a senior, looking to enhance your quality of life?

Our seasoned trainers specialize in improving functional movement, leading to an improved quality of life.

Experience Personalized Training for Your Fitness Goals

We tailor programs for various fitness goals, whether you’re looking to shed pounds, gain muscle, or achieve other objectives. Our personalized training ensures you’ll feel fantastic after every session.